Edit, and Ajax, and Timestamps. Oh my!

Let the Editing begin!

Editing is now enabled for all users. Simply click the “Edit” button (hover over a desired thought) and an edit box will instantly open. After you have completed your edit, click “Save” to finish or click “Cancel” to revert back to the original thought.

Manage thoughts faster.

We have made a few changes to the way thoughts are added and removed. Previously when submitting a new thought or clicking the delete button the entire page would reload. Now we have leverage the power of Ajax (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is) and everything is updated instantly. So you can unload your mind and be on your way much quicker.

Working timestamps.

Thoughtback now automatically detects your local timezone and displays the proper timestamp next to each thought. Even if you are traveling miles away, the timestamp will stay relative to your location.

We are all about the support.

If you find any issues with the new features, please let us know. You can find us at support@thoughtback.com or tweet us @thoughtback.


The Future of Thoughtback

Our goal is to help people choose and organize the thoughts they want to remember. Programming your mind to think and act the way you want is not only powerful, but exciting. By constantly getting these “thoughts back”, your mind begins to shape itself differently. These form your actions, ideas, habits, and choices. 

So what’s the near-future roadmap look like?

  • An API for developers 
  • SMS (texting) to send/receive thoughts
  • New settings for getting your thoughts back
  • Improved iPhone and Mac apps
  • Beta opt-in program to test new ideas